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Buckle Up America - There is no argument: seatbelts save lives. In fact, this point has probably been hammered into you by now due to years of public service announcements and other educational programs. Still, there are thousands of unnecessary deaths each year because people don't heed the warnings. In this section, you'll find government reports on the dangers of improper vehicle restraint use.

Drowsy Driving - Think that driving even just a short distance while sleep deprived is okay? Think again. The affects of sleep deprivation on driving are well documented. In this section, you'll find reports on the affects of "drowsy driving" published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Miscellaneous - In this section, you'll find government reports on a wide variety of traffic related issues.

Traffic Safety Facts - Sorting through all the rules and regulations that govern your driving can be a tedious process. To help your search, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers these quick tips on a wide range of traffic safety.

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