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Specific areas have specific speed limits.  Remember, these are the maximum speeds allowed, and these limits are based on IDEAL DRIVING CONDITIONS.  

On Alaska highways, the speed limits are:  55 mph on most highways and urban interstates; 65 mph on rural interstates and other limited access roads.

Residential and Business Zones
In residential zones, the speed limit is 25 mph, unless posted otherwise.  In business zones, the limit is 20 mph, unless posted otherwise.

School Zones
Everyone needs to be especially alert while driving through areas where there might be children. Schools and playgrounds present so many risks, speed limits are reduced to 20 mph, or even lower.   You are responsible for knowing the posted limit where you're driving!  Be aware of all that goes on around a school: children walking and running; bicycles coming up from behind you in your blind spot; crossing guards and school buses.
Defensive driving means obeying the speed limits.

You must stop FROM ALL DIRECTIONS when a school bus is flashing red lights.  In an instant, a child can run from behind a bus and into oncoming traffic.  Do not be impatient and start moving before the bus has turned off the red lights.

Blind Intersections
If you cannot see 100 feet to your left and right for the last 100 feet before crossing an intersection, you are approaching a "blind intersection."  For example, untrimmed hedges or trees may block your view.  Or, tall trucks are parked along the curb and keep you from seeing the traffic on a side street.  You need to slow down and approach the intersection prepared to stop suddenly.

Alleys are full of blind intersections: every driveway presents a risk of a collision.

When this car finally stopped, the steering wheel and dash were pinned under the bottom of the front seat.  The driver spent 10 days in the hospital and now thinks twice before speeding.  She's alive because of her seatbelt.
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